Zynga has its own bubble bopper in the works, Bubble Safari [Rumor]

Bubble Safari Zynga
It looks like Zynga wants to enter new territory. (Well, at least new for itself.) Casual gaming fan site CEGamers claims to have discovered what could be the developer's next big Facebook game: Bubble Safari. The website found the unreleased data as cross-promotional material for Pioneer Trail that, if players try out the bubble popper, they'll earn items for the former.

CEGamers calls Bubble Safari a "mini game," but mini games aren't exactly Zynga's modus operandi. Even if this was a mini game to exist within one of the developer's bigger games, we doubt it would run an entire cross promotion campaign for it. (Did Zynga run such events for, say, the dart game in FarmVille?)
Bubble Safari cross cromo
It makes sense for Zynga to try its hand at a bubble-bashing Facebook game--just look at the competition. EA and PopCap have their own form of bubble blaster in Zuma Blitz, Wooga's Bubble Island is its second most popular game and King.com's raise to fame is thanks to Bubble Witch Saga. Bubble Safari could very well be the next social game we see from Zynga, though the company has yet to confirm anything. We've reached out for comment.

[Image Credit: CEGamers]

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