Blackwood & Bell Mysteries Voodoo Shop: Our guide to finding every item

The next dark and spooky scene we'll explore in Playdom's Blackwood & Bell Mysteries on Facebook is the Voodoo Shop, which might be the creepiest scene we've seen in the game thus far. There are lots of dark shadows and well-hidden items in this particular scene, but we're here with a guide to help you get started on finding its many items.

Note: The items you'll receive will just be a selection of all of those pictured below. If you're looking to find a particular item: Hit Ctrl +F (or Command + F if on a Mac) and type in the name of the object you're looking for. This will take you directly to its image.

Set 1:

  • Crystal Ball

  • Dice

  • Garlic

  • Tarot Card Deck

  • Cane

  • Gold Coins

Set 2:

  • Gold Earring

  • Lizard

  • Owl

  • Purple Crystal

  • Voodoo Doll

  • Moth

Set 3:

  • Snake

  • Spell Book

  • Strawberry Jam

  • Knitting Yarn

  • Tassel

  • Envelope

Set 4:

  • Scepter

  • Flower Pot

  • Magic Lamp

Set 5:

  • Wooden Mug

  • Crown

  • Perfume Bottle

  • Shell Fossil

  • Mortal and Pestle

  • Dagger

Set 6:

  • Turtle

  • Spade

  • Feather

  • Black Cat

  • Treasure Chest

  • Witch's Hat

Set 7:

  • Nutcracker

  • Magnifying Glass

  • Wine Bottle

  • Apple

Set 8:

  • Maracas

  • Dog Statue

  • Ruby

  • Bird's Nest

  • Noose

Set 9:

  • Paper Crane

  • Tribal Mask

  • Hourglass

  • Keys

  • Tribal Necklace

  • Paw Print

There are still items within the scene not pictured above, as the game generates each set of items randomly. We'll make sure to update this space as we find more and more items in this Voodoo Shop scene, so keep checking back!

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What do you think of this Voodoo Shop scene? Do you like the dark artwork, or would you prefer items to be easier to spot? Sound off in the comments.

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