Whoizit? for iPhone: It's 'Guess Who?' with Facebook friends

Whoizit iPhone
Whoizit iPhone

If that doesn't scream "Shut up and take my money," we don't know what will. If you've ever played Guess Who?, the board game in which players have to guess which character card the other player holds, then Whoizit? will be instantly familiar. Well, save for one major detail: Instead of character cards, the game uses you and your opponent's mutual Facebook friends for guessing matches.

Thanks to this deeply-ingrained social feature, Whoizit? allows players to cut out the bland questions--"Does this person have facial hair," or "Does this person have glasses?" Instead, players can ask each other more personal questions, like "Is this person in our class," or "Does this person have a crush on me?"

Entrepreneurs (and pitch artists) Sam and Brett, along with a few engineering and business students as well as software industry professionals, came up with Whoizit? during the most recent Microsoft Start Up Weekend in Boston after the crazy pitch earned them second place and the team to create a working prototype with.

However, the team has taken to Kickstarter to raise $10,000 for further development and marketing to make Whoizit? pop. Whoizit? sounds like it could easily be the next Draw Something ... at least on paper. Unfortunately, it seems like Brett and Sam don't expect to release the game until 2013. That's plenty of time for a bigger social game maker to swoop in and "draw inspiration." Check out the Kickstarter here and hope we see this game release sooner than later.

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