Still wondering how video games are good for you? Have a cheat sheet

Why Video Games are Good for You
Why Video Games are Good for You

Now, we've posted studies and opinions time and time again on how video games can be beneficial, but maybe the point hasn't been driven home completely just yet. Luckily for you, tech expert and author of "The Modern Parent's Guide to Kids and Video Games" Scott Steinberg has condensed a number of his findings and opinions on why video games can help rather than hurt in a nifty little digital cheat sheet, if you will.

Aptly titled "Why Video Games Are Good For You," the guide (available here in PDF) offers numerous findings, studies and pointers on the potential benefits of the ultimate interactive medium. And this doesn't just apply to stuffy educational games you'll find on every Leap Frog device in the country, but to everyday video games from puzzlers to role-playing games and even strategy games.

"Parents, politicians and educators frequently criticize video games as an alleged waste of time that distracts kids from healthier activities such as homework and outdoor play," Steinberg said in a release. "But research is quickly demonstrating that gaming can be a perfectly beneficial and well-rounded part of a healthy, balanced media diet."

Some of the factoids may sound like givens, but others may surprise you. For instance, did you know that Archives of Surgery published a study that found that surgeons who regularly play video games are generally more skilled at laparoscopic surgery? You might want to ask your next surgeon about his or her gaming habits. In the (hopefully long, long) meantime you could just download the PDF already.

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