Amazon move could make free-to-play games explode on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire games
Kindle Fire games

And so could your wallets. Sure, free-to-play games already exist on Amazon's darling tablet, the Kindle Fire, but not nearly as many as gamers can find on, say, the iPhone, iPad and various other Android gadgets. That will likely change from this day onward, as Amazon has unleashed its in-app payment system for Android apps sold through the Amazon Appstore.

Better yet (for Amazon), the online retail giant already has a number of mobile gaming partners signed on to use its in-app payment system, which will allow players to buy in-game items and boosts for real money. Developers like Restaurant Story maker Storm8, Warp Rush creator Social Gaming Network and Virtual City Playground's G5 were all in on the baking of this money pie.

"We immediately brought over additional Storm8 games, and in two weeks, not only did our revenue continue to grow, but we had four of the top five free apps in the Amazon Appstore," Storm8 CEO and co-founder Perry Tam said in an Amazon blog post announcing the feature. "With the tremendous initial success, we definitely plan on continuing to invest in the platform and can't wait to bring additional Storm8/TeamLava games to Kindle Fire and Amazon users."

In short, Amazon looks to catch up with the established leaders in free-to-play mobile gaming platforms, Apple and Google. An in-app purchases system plus a mega popular, affordable Android tablet seems like a fine way to make that happen. We just hope Amazon has taken developers' previous slip-ups into account.

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