FarmVille Pic of the Day: The Last Supper, Interrupted by Liveloula46

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Look familiar? Well, your eyes may be fooling you. You'd think that anyone crazy enough to expend incredible effort recreating Jesus' last supper on FarmVille would use Da Vinci's famous painting as a model for their farm. But instead, player Liveloula46 (who built a gorgeous Dracula farm last Halloween) seemed to have either created an original art piece or borrowed from another source.

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Instead of sitting in the center with his arms outstretched as in the Da Vinci version, this FarmVille piece shows Jesus about to break the bread when he's interrupted by someone to his right. There's also only seven figures, including Jesus, and except for Christ and the guy he's having a conversation with, they're all black-bearded. Maybe this isn't The Last Supper at all, but just a bunch of apostles performing the Eucharist. Either way, it's still impressive. It'd be even more impressive if this piece had filled up the entire farm, but there's such a thing as item limits, and amassing hay bales in the name of art would tap out anyone's inventory.

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