At least 3,300 people want Draw Something on their Windows Phone 7

Draw Something Windows Phone 7
Draw Something Windows Phone 7

Zynga and the Draw Something team have a golden opportunity to avoid a PR snafu. On the hyper popular game's official forums, 3,366 people have signed an online petition for Zynga New York (formerly OMGPOP) to make Draw Something available for Windows Phone 7 devices as of this writing. The team's response doesn't exactly inspire confidence that it will happen. (Not to mention the fact that not a single Zynga game is available on Windows Phone 7.)

"Windows and other platforms are something we are examining," Draw Something team member Joseph Alminawi wrote in the forum thread. "Right now we're focusing on fine tuning the existing apps on iOS and Android. The greater the demand and the larger the market, the higher the appeal for us to put our resources into making a game on a platform. So by all means, please continue to express which platforms you'd like to see Draw Something on - we are listening!"

Even if you're not a Windows Phone 7 fan, you likely already know that Microsoft's phone operating system hasn't received widespread love from big time app and game developers. Recently, it looked as if Rovio didn't even intend on bringing Angry Birds Space to the platform until the developer's CEO stepped in and set things straight.

Of course, for most game makers it's an issue of resources versus returns. Let's face it: The amount of Windows Phone 7 gamers pales in comparison to iOS and Android. In most cases, studios are better off making sure games with the most exposure look and play the best, rather than dedicate a whole team to bringing games to a smaller platform. That said, the customer is always right, no?

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