Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is ready to save the wilderness now

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers
Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers

Only you can prevent forest--wait, wrong slogan. Ahem: Only you can save the animals. (Much better.) With that straightened out, it's time to embark on yet another of Playdom's hidden-object adventures. Only this time, what's hidden isn't objects, but animals in their natural habitats. Playdom has announced that Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers has launched on Facebook for all to play.

Playdom's--or in this case, Disney Social Games--next hidden-object game throws players into various regions around the world in order to save numerous endangered critters from poachers. While it doesn't seem to offer much in different play hooks, based on our own preview of the game, Animal Kingdom Explorers does offer plenty of difference in terms of theme and story.

Animal Kingdom Explorers marks one of the first major Disney-branded Facebook games yet (unless you count Avengers Alliance). That said, it makes sense for the developer to go with a game type that it clearly knows how to do well, considering it already has two hidden-object games on Facebook. At any rate, if you're either a fan of hidden-object or all things Disney, you might owe it to yourself to give Animal Kingdom Explorers a go.

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