Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers: Our guide to getting started [Video]

The world's animals are at risk from dangerous poachers, and it's up to you as an Animal Kingdom Explorer to track down the culprits and save creatures big and small before it's too late. That's the premise of Disney / Playdom's latest hidden object game on Facebook: Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers.

The game launched in full on Facebook this week, allowing you to jump right into the gameplay, which should be incredibly familiar to those who have already played either Gardens of Time or Blackwood & Bell Mysteries. Here though, you'll have an added element of challenge in some hidden object scenes, as animals come in many different sizes, shapes and colors that might be unfamiliar to the average player.

We're here with a video guide to help you get started on Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers, so let's dive right in! Make sure to play the game on Facebook, and keep checking back with us here at Games.com for complete guides on finding the items in every scene in the game!

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Have you tried Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers on Facebook yet? Do you think it's the best of the three hidden object games Playdom has released thus far? Sound off in the comments.

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