Diamond Dash maker goes for the exotic with secret project 'Game 9'

Game 9 Wooga
Game 9 Wooga

And this bearded fella pictured right looks to go along for the ride. Wooga, creator of this year's March Madness winner Diamond Dash, has a secret game project in the works that it refers to as "Game 9." The German social games maker has revealed a few sliver's worth of details in a job posting on its website for a producer that will oversee the game's development.

For one, "Game 9"--which is almost definitely a codename--will be available on Facebook, iPhone and iPad initially. (And based on Wooga's love of cross-platform play, we're willing to bet both versions of the game will communicate somehow.) Secondly, "Game 9" will "be a great adventure taking you to exotic places," according to the job posting. That sounds vague, but based on what that bearded dude is wearing, we're guessing the game is inspired by classic adventure stories (i.e. Indiana Jones).

The job posting reads that "Game 9" is under development by more than 25 staffers, "including engineers, graphic artists and product managers." But once the game is live, Wooga will outsource the graphical content of weekly content updates to a third party, and it's this producer's job to find and oversee that outside team. That's it for now, but if Wooga is already considering weekly updates, we can't be far from even juicier details.

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