CityVille Private Jet Airport Terminal: Everything you need to know

If you've completed the construction of the Airport in your CityVille town, you can now build the fourth and (for now) final terminal: the Private Jet terminal. This one is open to VIP passengers only, and you'll be able to send and receive special jets from this terminal to earn some exclusive rewards, along with the basics in terms of Zoning Permits, Goods, coins and energy batteries.

Once you're ready to build this fourth terminal on your airport, you can do so by collecting a variety of building materials with the help of friends:

  • 12 Carry-On Luggage

  • 12 First Class Seats

  • 12 VIP Passes

  • 12 Paparazzi Photos

  • 12 Airplane Pillows

You can collect these items either through general news posts on your wall or by sending out individual requests for your neighbors to help you out. Once the terminal is built, you'll have two VIP Jets to choose from, the Skywing Jet that costs 100,000 coins and the Time Pigeon Jet for 50 City Cash. The Time Pigeon Jet comes with a 20% bonus to all payouts from flights sent using it.

As with your planes in other airport terminals, you'll have five options (as of this writing) for where to send your VIPs. One, Washington DC, gives you a chance to earn a large version of what looks to be the Lincoln Memorial for earning three-star mastery on that particular route. For other routes, the exclusive rewards may differ but you'll still need to earn three stars of mastery in order to receive anything truly special. Otherwise, your routes will give you a chance to earn items like coins, energy bolts, Zoning Permits or even Premium Goods. A VIP Bonus can also be triggered, which will give bonus coins to the payouts on some of your Community Buildings.

If you happen to score one of these VIP Bonuses, you'll have three minutes to collect from as many Community Buildings as you can (using the normal amount of energy to collect from them) to earn massive amounts of bonus coins in the process. This isn't a one-time feature, as you'll be able to to activate the bonus anytime a VIP arrives when you send out a Private Jet at your newest terminal. In fact, you'll need to build this terminal, send out five Private Jets and activate one such VIP Bonus to complete this feature's accompanying goal. Doing so will give you 50 XP and five energy.

It's always possible that additional terminals or features will be released for the airport feature in the future, but this terminal is the last one as of this writing. We'll make sure to let you know if we're ever given the chance to build a second airport, or simply expand our first, so keep checking back with us!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Private Jet Terminal? Is it your favorite terminal in the entire airport? If not, which one is? Sound off in the comments.