Armies of Magic is Playdom's answer to Facebook strategy games

Armies of Magic closed beta
Armies of Magic closed beta

Three hidden-object games may say otherwise, but Playdom has a "hardcore" side too, you know. The Disney-owned developer currently has its own real-time strategy game strategy in the works for Facebook. It's called Armies of Magic, and it's in a closed beta test phase as of this writing, meaning only those who are invited can get in on the fantastical fighting action.

There's an unfortunate lack of information on the strategy game at the moment and even fewer screen shots or artwork. Currently, it's known that Armies of Magic players can choose to lead one of three races into battle--Humans, Elves and Dwarves--against evil Goblin Hordes.

Like most strategy games on Facebook, players will get to form guilds and go to battle with their friends. One would hope this means that players will not need to be Facebook friends to play together. Sadly, only promotional art is available at the moment, so there's no clue as to what the game will look like during play. However, the Armies of Magic Facebook page already has over 22,000 "Likes", so perhaps we're close to release.

Playdom sees the growing "hardcore" Facebook games scene (and its dedicated audience) and simply can't help itself--just look at Deep Realms. While that game recently died off, releases like Avengers Alliance make it seem like the developer has learned quite a bit about the "hardcore" crowd. Hopefully it's not long before we see whether that's the case.

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