OMGPOP hired back laid off staff before the big Zynga buyout [Report]


Aw shucks, OMGPOP--or should we say Zynga New York?--you're swell. According to a Business Insider report, CEO of the Draw Something maker Dan Porter opted to hire back all of the flash developers he laid off shortly before the company was sold to Zynga. You see, OMGPOP wasn't exactly in a great place before Draw Something came along, forcing Porter to let go of a number of developers to stay afloat.

According to Business Insider's nameless source, Porter actually scrambled to hire back the employees in time so that they could benefit from the buyout with whatever shares they had in OMGPOP. In one particular case, Porter hired back a staffer in another capacity just so he could make some cash on the sale.

"There was one guy who used to work for OMGPOP who was facing a deadline on whether or not to exercises his options," the source told Business Insider. "He couldn't decide, and Porter didn't want him to lose out, so he hired him as a contractor to extend his vesting as well. He made money too."

According to the source, "Porter didn't have to do it. It was just the mensch thing to do." Here we have one Zynga higher-up supposedly fighting for his staff, while the head honcho has allegedly fought against his employees. If both are truly the case, you could say Porter is Mark Pincus's alter ego. Or can you?

[Image Credit: Business Insider]

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