The Hunger Games Adventures leads players to The Capitol [Exclusive]

The Hunger Game Adventures The Capitol Effie Trinket
Goofy outfits and consolidated technology are absolutely included. Funtactix may have had a slow start with The Hunger Games Adventures, but it looks to make up for it in a big way: content, content and more content. This week--April 12, to be exact--fans will get to join Katniss and Peeta on a trip to The Capitol in the next story addition to the game.

And what would a visit to The Capitol be without some of readers' favorite characters? When players follow Katniss and Peeta to the center of Panem, they'll be greeted by the eccentric Effie Trinket, who will act as their guide through this story arc. Later on in their stroll through The Capitol, they'll meet none other than Cinna, Katniss's Hunger Games stylist and good friend.
The Hunger Game Adventures The Capitol Cinna
This looks to be Funtactix's way of not only keeping players interested, but drawing more players into the world it has created. (As of this writing, The Hunger Games Adventures has 220,000 monthly players and 80,000 daily.) Based on the two screen shots provided to us exclusively, Funtactix's beautiful 3D-meets-2D graphics are intact.

This looks to be quite the refreshing change of scenery for those who might have grown tired of the dank and depressing District 12. Of course, those who have read the books or seen the film know that underneath the pristine sheen, The Capitol is not at all as it seems. The Capitol opens up to The Hunger Games Adventures players this Thursday.

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