5 High-Paying Jobs In Demand In 2012

STEM careers growingBy Lori Michelle Ryan

Which fields are growing and offer well-paying jobs? STEM careers - those that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics - require special skills and training and professionals are in high demand now and will be in the future.

In the new edition of his book, 150 Best Jobs for Your Skills, Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., says that STEM careers include "work that discovers, collects and analyzes information about the natural world; applies scientific research findings to problems in medicine, the life sciences, human behavior and the natural sciences; imagines and manipulates quantitative data; and applies technology to manufacturing, transportation and other economic activities."

So which STEM jobs are growing fast? Here are the top five:

1. Health specialties teachers, postsecondary

Top skills: communication, science, thought-processing

Annual earnings: $85,270

Percent growth: 15.1

Annual openings: 4,000

-- Find health professor jobs

2. Computer network architects

Top skills: equipment use/maintenance, science, technology/programming

Annual earnings: $75,660

Percent growth: 53.4

Annual openings: 20,830

-- Find network architect jobs

3. Civil engineers

Top skills: management, mathematics, science

Annual earnings: $77,560

Percent growth: 24.3

Annual openings: 11,460

-- Find civil engineer jobs

4. Medical scientists, except epidemiologists

Top skills: mathematics, science, thought-processing

Annual earnings: $76,700

Percent growth: 40.4

Annual openings: 6,620

-- Find medical scientist jobs

5. Environmental engineers

Top skills: mathematics, science, thought-processing

Annual earnings: $78,740

Percent growth: 30.6

Annual openings: 2,790

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