Pioneer Trail Bert's Imports: Everything you need to know

Now that we've had some time to explore Prospect Falls within Pioneer Trail, we've seen a new feature being released dealing with Trader Bert. Bert has apparently found quite a few treasures in Prospect Falls that he now wants to share with us. This feature disguises a fairly large store update that sees the game's store now allowing you to purchase new animals, trees and crops, but there are also goals to complete to complete this feature.

The Import Things in Life

  • Place Bert's Imports on your Homestead

  • Tend 35 Adult Ox on your Homestead

  • Collect 15 Shipping Crates

Rewards: 200 XP, 200 coins and 2 Caribou

The Exotic Export Expo

  • Tend 30 Caribou

  • Collect 25 Plump Boysenberries

  • Craft 3 Pillows

The Caribou can be found in the store for 10 Horseshoes each, or you can send them to your friends via the game's free gifts page (and receive them in the same way). To craft the Throw Pillows, you'll need Floral Fabric from friends and Pillow Stuffing, which is earned by tending Mouflon Sheep. When you complete this goal, you'll earn 400 XP, 400 coins and two Granny's Gut Punches.

Traderest Intent

  • Complete the second building phase of Bert's Imports

  • Harvest 40 Fig Trees on your Homestead

  • Collect 30 Badger Claws

The Badger Claws drop at random when tending to adult Badgers. Meanwhile, Fig Trees are available to purchase in the store for around 4,000 coins each (depending on if you have the store discount on your account). For completing this goal, you'll receive 600 XP, 600 coins and a Coati.

A Fresh Face for Bess

  • Collect 35 Juicy Cantaloupes

  • Craft 3 Tangerine Tarts

  • Collect 20 Ornate Vases

Tangerine Tarts are a complex crafting project, first requiring you to crate Tangerine Filling with Peeled Tangerines (earned from harvesting tangerines) and Sweet Honey (earned by asking friends). You'll then take this filling and combine it with Graham Crackers (from friends) to actually crate Tangerine Tarts. The Juicy Cantaloupes, meanwhile, come from harvesting Imported Cantaloupes, which cost around 225 coins in the store. When you finish this goal, you'll walk away with 800 XP, 800 coins and two Star Fruit Trees.

The Grand Opening

  • Complete the final building phase for Bert's Imports

  • Craft 3 Fleece Sweaters

  • Harvest 15 Star Fruit Trees

Star Fruit Trees are available for 10 Horseshoes in the market, or you can simply harvest the two that you received as prizes in the last goal. While you're waiting for your trees to ripen, you can craft Fleece Sweaters using Green Fleece and Sharp Scissors. The Scissors come from friends, while the Green Fleece is crafted using Green Fabric Dye (from friends) and Imported Fleece (drops when tending Imported Silver Sheep, which cost around 550 coins in the store). When you complete this final goal in the Bert's Imports series, you'll receive 1,000 XP, 1,000 coins and two Imported Copper Cows.

This feature has been classified by Zynga as being on the border between medium and high in terms of difficulty, so don't feel bad if you're having some trouble finishing it off quickly. Just take your time at it and eventually you'll come out victorious in the end, with plenty of prizes to show for it. Good luck!

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Bert's Imports building and the new crops, trees and animals available therein? Sound off in the comments.