Community's Joel McHale is a sell out for the Nintendo 3DS [Video]

Joel McHale 3DS video
Joel McHale 3DS video

With Nintendo's 3DS handheld selling like gangbusters*, it seems like everyone wants a piece of that money pie. The next in line to pimp the three-dimensional portable game console is Joel McHale, comedian and star of Community (which, thank the gods, has returned from the dead). Joel has been brought in by Nintendo to promote the year-old console, and he has an idea for the ultimate viral video.

As it turns out, the formula is rather simple: pandas + groin kicks + scantily-clad women = viral video gold. Joel doesn't want it to be obvious that the video pimps the 3DS, but rather subtly insert the bullet points of the system into viewers' subconscious. Sadly, this actor slash comedian doesn't know jack about subtlety. Watch and learn:

*The 3DS is selling like crazy, but keep in mind its price was slashed nearly in half months after launch and has only in recent months saw the must-have games it needs to succeed. Regardless, things are looking up.

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