Game of the Day: Downhill Snowboard 2

What goes up, must come down, and it comes down spectacularly in today's Game of the Day -- Downhill Snowboard 2. This side-scrolling, snowboarding simulation of the slopes probably pales in comparison to the real deal, but it's definitely fun and easy to get hooked on. You get a choice of several slopes to choose from and you're scored in Grabs, Rotations, and Airtime. Tailgrabs (use the 'A' key), nosegrabs (use 'S'), railslides (land on top of them), front flips (use the 'Up' arrow while you're hanging midair), and how long you stay off the snow all help you rack up points towards your total score.

Higher scores allow you to unlock more content for different avatar designs and snowboards with different attributes in speed and agility. There's also a teensy bit of gory realism included. For example, if you screw up on a flip and hit the ground, expect to see blobs of red streaming behind your character and watch the body go floppily limp. But if that's not guaranteed to creep you out, play and see if you can set a high score in Downhill Snowboard 2.

Play Downhill Snowboard 2!

What's your highest score in Downhill Snowboard?

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