FarmVille: Help a Spotted Lop Rabbit hop its way onto your farm

Continuing in the series of exciting lonely animals in FarmVille, a new lost and sad Spotted Lop Rabbit has shown up on the outskirts of your farms in FarmVille. Regardless of the farm you're currently playing on, you can scroll to the outskirts of the farm's right border to see this lonely animal waiting for you to give it a home.

In traditional lonely animal fashion, you'll have three days to lure the animal into your farm by asking five friends to help you. This is accomplished via individual requests sent to your neighbors, so make sure you don't use all of your requests each day so that you can have enough left over to fulfill these five helper spots.

Once you've lured the rabbit into your farm, you can find it in your Gift Box, allowing you to place it where you'd like, regardless of farm. If you wish to simply purchase the animal outright, without bugging your friends, you can do that as well by spending some Farm Cash. Or, if you wish to be heartless, you can abandon the poor thing entirely. Whatever your choice, the Spotted Lop Animal will hop away from our games in three days, so make sure to claim yours while you still have time.

What do you think of this Spotted Lop Rabbit? Will you pay for it outright, or will you try to wait for your friends to help you earn one for free? Sound off in the comments.