FarmVille English Garden Items: Juneberry Tree, Garden Cottage and more

If you liked the first set of English Garden items in FarmVille, but are still looking for more goodies to revitalize your English Countryside farm, look no further than the game's marketplace, as yet another set of English Gardens has been released in the store for your shopping pleasure. We're here with a look at these new items, and we have one word of warning: I hope you've been saving up your Farm Cash.


Juneberry Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Kilimarnock Willow Tree - 12 Farm Cash
European Horse Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Red Horse Chestnut Tree - 14 Farm Cash


English Foxhound - 12 Farm Cash
Bashkir Curly Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Tea Party Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Big Tea Party Cow - 22 Farm Cash
Tea Party Pig - 16 Farm Cash


Garden Cottage - 20 Farm Cash


Allium Flowerbed - 10,000 coins
Rose Fountain - 10 Farm Cash

Avatar Clothing

Lady Dress - 7 Farm Cash

See all of these items for Farm Cash? At least you can't say we didn't warn you. Unfortunately, you'll need to shell out plenty of real cash to get your hands on the coolest of these English Garden items, but at least we have the Garden Tea Party feature to complete in order to get a bit of the fun of the theme for free. If you're interested in purchasing any of these items, make sure you do so fast, as they'll only be available for the next two weeks.

What do you think of these latest English Garden items? How many of them do you think you'll purchase? Will you place them all on your English Countryside farm, or will you use them elsewhere? Let us know in the comments.