Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers West Savanna: Our guide to finding every item

While Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers may offer the same gameplay of Gardens of Time and Blackwood & Bell Mysteries on Facebook, the game's scenes can sometimes being incredibly challenging to complete, due to the inclusion of so many real life animal species that may be unfamiliar to many players. In this comes a helpful secondary hint system that sees a small question mark being attached to each item in specific scenes. Clicking on the question mark shows you a picture of the animal and a quick factoid about their real-world lives. This will help you find the animal in the scene on your own, but of course, we're here with a guide to help you out as well. The first of these difficult scenes is the West Savanna, the second scene you'll ever touch in the game. Let's get started.

Set 1:

  • Patas Monkey

  • Zebra

  • Porcupine

  • Leopard

  • Adult Warthog

  • Hartlaub's Turaco

Set 2:

  • African Fish Eagle

  • Cape Buffalo

  • Impala

  • Marabou Stork

  • Baby Hippo

Set 3:

  • Secretary Bird

  • Waterbuck

  • Colobus Monkey

  • Nile Crocodile

  • Serval

  • Hyena

Set 4:

  • Tigerfish

  • Meerkat

  • Spring Hare

  • Sunbird

  • Rhinoceros

  • Lion

Set 5:

  • Common Agama

  • Yellow-Billed Oxpecker

  • Wildebeest

  • Sacred Ibis

  • Ostrich

Set 6:

  • Elephant

  • Giraffe

  • Mongoose

  • Hornbill

  • Baby Warthog

Set 7:

  • Vulture

The above images detail all of the individual animals that you can find in this West Savanna scene as of this writing. It's entirely possible that additional animals will be added to the scene sometime in the future, and we'll make sure to update this space if that turns out to be the case.

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What do you think of this West Savanna scene in Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers? Do you like the small picture hints that you can activate with each animal? Sound off in the comments.

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