Of course Battleship's goofy film adaptation would get a social game

Battleship Facebook game
Battleship Facebook game

Would you have it any other way? OK, maybe that's a silly question. At any rate, here we are with yet another Facebook game attached to a movie release. Only this time, it's branded with what's arguably the weirdest action flick of the year: Battleship. The film version of Battleship may be a serious stretch, but the Facebook game sounds surprisingly true to the Hasbro board game.

Formally (and lengthily) titled Battleship: The Battle For Earth Begins at Sea, players can essentially play the game of Battleship with their friends on Facebook. To initiate a game, a player chooses a friend to play with, positions their ships on the classic game board and sends a request. Then, the player on the other end positions his or her own ships and fires the first round. Players can choose between two species, Humans and Regents--the latter are the aliens from the film.

As players trade blows and earn victories, they'll collectively unlock special clips from the movie before it debuts May 18. For instance, as of this writing Human players have collectively earned 85 percent of the wins needed to unlock the next clip. Players can challenge random players to games of Battleship too, so they won't be without opponents to crush. It's a branded social game alright, but at least this stays truer to the source material than what's about to assault theaters with Rihanna on the front line. Seriously.

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