5 Money-Smart Apps for Business Travelers

Business travel
Business travel

Business travelers are still taking to the air, despite the uncertain economy. Only 25% say they'd alter plans in the face of higher airfares, the U.S. Travel Association found in a recent survey.

Yet pressure remains. Tighter profit margins have led some employers to demand travelers cut back on outlays or take more meetings in order to justify the cost of going on the road. According to another survey of more than 700 travelers conducted on behalf of the Embassy Suites hotel chain, 19% of business travelers are actively cutting back on incidental expenses while 22% are seeking more value when booking accommodations.

Fortunately, stretching a buck is easier than ever thanks to smartphones and mobile devices. Here's a look at five apps that can help you make the most of your business travel budget: 5 Money-Smart Apps for Business Travelers


You'll find plenty of options via the five apps listed above, but there may be several others I've missed. What apps do you use to save a buck while on the road? What other strategies do you use for keeping travel costs under control? Please weigh in using the comments box below.

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