CityVille Easter Egg Hunt: Everything you need to know

The Easter Bunny has made a quick detour into our CityVille towns this weekend, offering us a chance to find some hidden Easter Eggs for some easy rewards. You'll be able to spot the Easter Bunny walking around on your streets, and can click on him to activate the "Egg Hunt" menu.

This all deals with an overall building project that allows us to build the Bunny House. You'll be given a Level 1 Bunny House for free, but can upgrade it all of the way to Level 4. The more levels your Bunny House has, the more bunnies can actually live inside of it. To upgrade your Bunny House, you'll need to collect items like multi-colored carrots with the help of friends. For instance, upgrading to Level 2 requires the following:

  • 2 Carrots

  • 2 Light Blue Carrots

  • 2 Magenta Carrots

Upgrading to Level 2 allows you to house two bunnies, while level 3 allows four bunnies and so on. You'll need to ask your friends to send you the extra bunnies that can live within it, and as you might expect, the actual upgrading process becomes more difficult as you go along (with more Carrots of different colors being required for each level).

There's a new Egg Hunt goal that goes along with this feature, that will reward you with 100 Goods and 3,000 coins for finding 10 Eggs, building the Bunny House and then upgrading it to at least Level 3. To find Eggs, you'll need to spot the bunnies on your streets and then click on buildings around them to find the egg they've hidden there. Each egg contains a prize, like energy, for example. If you're having trouble spotting bunnies, try refreshing your game and see if that makes them appear.

Good luck finding all of these Easter eggs this weekend - there's no time limit on this event currently, but I wouldn't expect it to stick around for long. Make sure to finish it off now while you still can!

What do you think of this Easter Egg Hunting feature in CityVille? Will you take the time to track down bunnies for free prizes? Sound off in the comments.