In True Night by MocoSpace, it's cool for dudes to dig vampires too

True Night iPhone
True Night iPhone

Before Twilight came along, vampires were fierce, fanged humanoid beasts capable of murdering an entire town and guzzling the blood of its citizens. Then Stephanie Meyer went and made them sparkle. It seemed that after this scar on the vampire mythos, it would forever be a teenage girl's fantasy world of choice, leaving guys to watch Blade over and over.

Enter True Night for iPhone and Android, the newest free-to-play, HTML5-based mobile social game from publisher MocoSpace and developer New Game Town. In True Night, you're a freshly-bitten vampire that needs to learn how to survive in the world that goes bump in the night. Players create their own clans of vampire friends to embark on quests with and join forces in turn-based battles to collect ancient artifacts.

Since the game's launch, MocoSpace has watched its player base closely and discovered that, shockingly enough, 49 percent of True Night players are men. (Not to mention it's already the publisher's fourth largest game.) The publisher also found that 31 percent of players are 18 to 24-year-olds, throwing the scary notion that vampires will officially be for teenage girls only--hey, entertainment follows what's hot--out the window. Well, at least for this game.

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