The Sims Social 'One Week Only' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Vegas Week
The Sims Social Vegas Week

The Sims Social is knee-deep in slots, shows and shiny neon lights this week. It's Vegas Week in Playfish's crown jewel, and with it comes yet another weekly quest. Titled "One Week Only," players must help a stage performer--that clearly wants to be just like Sigfried or Roy ... we can't decide which--successfully wow your fellow Sims through seven quests in total.

To complete this storied quest, you'll need at least six neighbors, 1,850 Simoleons, six White Essence, five Buzz, 10 Joker Cards, 15 Herbs, an Athletic Skill item and a Music Skill item. Now, let's see how to complete "One Week Only" as quickly as possible:

One Week Only Part 1

  • Become Inspired

  • Have splash in ShowTime Ritzy Pool

  • Collect 6 White Essence

All you need to do is fulfill all your Sim's needs to get Inspired. Luckily, Bella has a ShowTime Ritzy Pool, so visit her, click on the pool and choose the "Splash" option--not the "Splash About" option. While you're there, try to click on as many white objects as possible and choose the "Collect White Essence" option. And Bella just so happens to have six white items. Then, plant four Watermelons--you'll see why.

One Week Only Part 2

  • Have 5 Buzz

  • Harvest 4 Watermelons

  • Have the Vegas Ritzy Fountain

Buzz comes from fulfilling your Sim's Fun need with any item, as well as from individual friend requests. Four Watermelons will cost a total of 76 Simoleons and take at least 12 hours to harvest. Finally, pick up the Ritzy Fountain for free and get to building. We highly recommend you keep working at this as you complete these quest, since the final requirement is to have this finished.

The Sims Social Vegas Ritzy Fountain
The Sims Social ShowTime Ritzy Pool
The Sims Social Vegas Slots

One Week Only Part 3

  • Ask Friends to Watch Card Trick

  • Have 10 Joker Cards

  • Make Shuffle Cards Twice

To ask friends to watch the trick, you must post to your Wall and have at least two friends click on it--comment on your own post to make it more visible. To get Joker Cards, you must ask your friends directly. Finally, Bella happens to have ShowTime Card Trick Table that you must interact with twice over two days consecutively, a perfect time to work on the Fountain.

One Week Only Part 4

  • Earn 500 Simoleons from Athletic Skill Item

  • Check Mailbox in 24 hours

  • "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" 10 Times

The best Athletic Skill items to earn the 500 Simoleons with include the Simiyoga Mat, Runner3000 and the Archery Range. Then you must wait for 24 hours to check your Mailbox. (Again, keep working on the Fountain!) Finally, visit Bella's house to use her ShowTime Nightlife Stage 10 times.

One Week Only Part 5

  • Earns 800 Simoleons from Music Skill Items

  • Have 3 New Furniture from Vegas Week

  • Conjure Fluffy Two Days in a Row

It seems like any Music Skill item will do, so why not use the free guitar? Luckily, the Vegas Ritzy Fountain counts as a furniture item, so the next cheapest items would be the Vegas Flowers and Vegas Table, which go for 600 and 750 Simoleons, respectively. For the third and final task, visit Bella's house two days in a row, click on her ShowTime Card Trick Table and choose the "Magic Time" option. In the meantime, keep at that Fountain.

The Sims Social ShowTime Nightlife Stage
The Sims Social Showtime Card Trick Table

One Week Only Part 6

  • Have 15 Herbs

  • Harvest 4 Lettuces

  • Feed Fluffy 10 Times

First, you must also plant four Lettuce, which will take 30 minutes to harvest and cost a total of 32 Simoleons. Herbs can be found while trimming weeds in your Sim's yard as well as when harvesting crops. Finally, pay Bella a visit, click on her ShowTime Card Trick Table and choose the "Feed Me" option 10 times. You should plant the Lettuce first.

One Week Only Part 7

  • Clean 6 other Sims' Dirty Items

  • Tell 5 Friends to See the Grand Finale

  • Complete ShowTime Ritzy Fountain

First, post the News Feed on your Wall for five friends to click on. (Remember to comment on your own post!) Then, visit six friends and find dirty items to clean. By this time, you should have completed the ShowTime Ritzy Fountain. For completing this quest, your reward is a Vegas Tiger Pal, which you'll need to finish your own ShowTime Card Trick Table.

[Source and Image Credit: Aude06]

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