Social Empires, Social Wars to conquer iPhone and iPad this year

Social Empires iPhone iPad
Social Empires iPhone iPad

Social Empires creator Social Point has seemingly mastered the 13-to-27-inch screens. Now, the Barcelona-based developer looks to lord over the smaller screens in your life, namely your iPhone and iPad. Inside Social Games (ISG) reports that both Social Empires and Social Wars--the developer's most recent Facebook release--are headed for iOS devices this year.

As if respecting the rules of seniority, Social Empires will get the mobile treatment first with a release coming in the next two months. Social Wars, one the other hand, will debut on iPhone and iPad by the end of this year. What's better is that both games will utilize Facebook Connect to the fullest, meaning players can import their Facebook progress to their iOS devices and keep their conquests going from there.

Social Point also told ISG that it looks to focus solely on the "mid-core" audience that it's had great success with through Social Empires and Social Wars. To that end, the game maker looks to release two more mid-core games on Facebook before summer. There are little details on either game, aside from that one is a "turn-based combat featuring mythical creatures like dragons," while the other is "an online RPG," according to ISG. It just might be time to schedule that stay-cation.

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