PopCap founder: 'EA does not have a perfect past'


Is EA really the worst company in America? The Consumerist and its readers certainly think so, but of course, that doesn't have to mean it's true. Recent EA acquiree PopCap's founder John Vechey doesn't think so, pointing to the fact that consumers just aren't as vehemently interested in, say, Bank of America as they are in a video games company.

"It was a bit frustrating to read EA winning, but when I look at the list of companies, I only see one or two others that actually inspire any emotion or passion," Vechey wrote on his personal blog. "Apple. Google maybe. I may rant or complain about DirectTV's atrocious customer service, Comcast's flaky connection speeds, Bank of America's ATM fees, or Ticketmaster charges, but do I really care? Naw. No matter how angry I've been at them, I ultimately don't care."

Regardless of whether consumers should care more about the practices of shady bankers, the guy has a point. That said, Vechey does go on to admit that PopCap's parent company doesn't have a pristine track record. "EA does not have a perfect past. It's made HR mistakes. It's made huge game design screw ups. It's messed up studios, marketing campaigns and beloved franchises (sometimes all at once). It will do so again," Vechey wrote. "There is no perfect company, and I won't promise perfection from PopCap."

Ultimately, however, Vechey remains proud of PopCap's decision to join EA, citing that CEO John Riccitiello has a vision that's important for EA. Sure, Bank of America puts families on the street, "but man... you miss my expectations on the ending of an epic three game space opera that I've spent hundreds of hours enjoying – go f yourself EA!"

[Via GamesIndustry International]

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