Pioneer Trail Baby Delivery: Everything you need to know

It's time! Fanny's about to have her baby in Pioneer Trail! Unfortunately, we apparently didn't plan far enough ahead for her little bundle of joy, so we'll need to complete the finishing touches on this grand event right now. If you're above Level 14 in the game, you'll have access to this Maternity Center event, which sees you completing goals that will help Fanny, Hank and even the Doc prepare to delivery Fanny's child. We're with a guide to help you through, so take a deep breath and push!

Reviving Hank

  • Click on Maternity Center and then "Delivery Baby"

  • Ask for 15 Smelling Salts

  • Chop down 5 Fully Grown Trees

Apparently, the labor news was too much for Hank, who has passed out! You'll need to ask your friends for the Smelling Salts while also chopping down any five trees, regardless of the type, to finish this goal off. You'll receive 300 XP, two Pigs in Blankets and the "Hank's Help" qualification of this entire event for completing this goal.

Granny's Blue Blanket

  • Ask for 15 Knitting Needles

  • Collect 30 Wool Yarn

  • Help Doc Get Ready

The Wool Yarn drops when tending adult sheep. Meanwhile, you'll need to collect a few items and craft even more to help Doc prepare, as seen below. You'll earn 400 XP, three Pink Beets and the Blue Blanket as rewards for this goal. Like Hank's Help above, the Blue Blanket is needed for the overall event to progress.

Delivering a Baby!

  • Collect 30 Cotton Yarn

  • Harvest 25 Pink Beets

  • Deliver that Baby!

The Cotton Yarn drops when harvesting cotton, and you'll be able to earn Pink Beet seeds by asking your friends to send them to you via the game's free gifts page. Finally, the delivery process is another long item collection and crafting event like the one above where you helped Doc. When you complete all of these steps, you'll earn 500 XP, three Chamomile and a Pink Blanket.

Fanny's Sanity

  • Ask for 20 Blue Pacifiers

  • Harvest 40 Chamomile

  • Deliver Another Baby!

Well, isn't this a surprise - Fanny's having twins! You'll need to ask your friends for the Chamomile seeds, as they are found on the free gifts page along with the Pink Beets. You'll earn 600 XP, a Persian Cat and a Diaper Bag for completing this goal.

Baby Food Stockpiling

  • Collect 30 Mashed Carrots

  • Collect 30 Mashed Beets

  • Bring the New Family Home

The Mashed Carrots come from tending regular or baby carrots, while the Mashed Beets are earned at random when tending Pink Beets. For completing this final goal, you'll receive 600 XP, a Pug and 1,000 coins.

With that, you'll have helped Hank and Fanny increase their family count by two, with a lovely set of twins! It's likely that these twins will play a big part in future events within the game, so you'll want to make sure and help Fanny through the delivery as soon as possible in order to not miss out on anything that's to come. Good luck making your way through this feature! We'll make sure to let you know what comes next!

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

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