Pet Shop Story brings little doggies to more windows through Android

Pet Shop Story Android
Pet Shop Story Android

Finally, Android users can get a free dose of dawww. Mobile social games publisher Storm8 and developer TeamLava have announced that Pet Shop Story is now available on Android devices through both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. A release claims that Pet Shop Story has won over millions of players on iPhones and iPads since it launched last December.

Now, the developer looks to overload Android phones with all things adorable and addictive with Pet Shop Story, a game in which players create and maintain their very own pet store. Of course, being a social game, players can visit their friends' pet shops and show off their own pet store designs and unique animal breeds, the latter being the game's most interesting feature.

Players can cross-breed the pets for sale in their shops into brand new breeds, but don't expect anything crazy like flying cats or aquatic puppies. Hey, at least you can make your own cockapoo--those things are downright adorable. Plus, TeamLava promises to update Pet Shop Story weekly with even more breeding combinations and items. Think of this as an interactive Cute Overload in your pocket ... that's free.

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