Infinity Blade 2 gets a slice of social in ClashMobs, its first-major update

Infinity Blade 2 ClashMobs
Infinity Blade 2 ClashMobs

Chair Entertainment and Epic Games's gorgeous iOS sword-swiping series Infinity Blade hasn't been known for its social hook. That's because it had none--until now. The first major update to Infinity Blade 2 is due out next week and with it brings a brand new feature: ClashMobs. IGN scored a hands-on preview of ClashMobs in Infinity Blade 2 and a bunch more details.

For those who've never played Infinity Blade, it's a game in which players swipe their iPhone or iPad screen to slash giant enemies with various medieval weapons. ClashMobs is essentially Chair Entertainment's way of throwing a layer not unlike Mafia Wars's Fight Challenges on top of the existing battle system. Accessible at any time, players can contribute to ClashMobs, which are timed, collective fights against massive beasts that will require hundreds if not thousands of players to win.

Should you and your fellow anonymous friends whittle down the monster's massive amount of hit points within the allotted time, you'll all earn cash, gems and special loot you can't get anywhere else. If the players fail, there's always next time: According to IGN, new ClashMobs will appear regularly.

Plus, the more actual friends players have in a ClashMob, the more battle time, cash winnings and extra ClashMob attempts they'll receive. In essence, Chair Entertainment just turned a hardcore mobile game into a hardcore mobile social game. Don't be surprised to see more core mobile game makers try things like this.

[Via TouchArcade]

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