Funeral Company Sued For $200 Million For Desecrating Jewish Cemetery in Florida

In the past couple years, Jewish cemeteries have been desecrated in Kosovo, Poland, Greece, France and Turkey, and now, allegedly, southeast Florida.

The desecration of Star of David Memorial Gardens, reported by the Sun Sentinel, wasn't motivated by politics, or ideology, or hate. According to the lawsuit filed Thursday in Palm Beach Circuit Court, it was done in the name of profit, or simply out of gross negligence. The plaintiffs are suing for $200 million.

The class action lawsuit claims that for years SCI Funeral Services has instructed workers to bury individuals in the wrong grave plot; secretly dig up human remains and move them without notifying families; crush burial containers to make room for more; literally bury evidence of damaged containers; and dump burial containers, which may have contained human remains, into the adjacent lake.