Yet another celebrity, Alice Eve, falls to Words With Friends's charms

Alice Eve
Alice Eve

"Another falls," the tyrannical Lord Zynga muttered under frigid breath, resting on his throne made entirely of Facebook Credit gift cards. Entourage actress and future Starfleet Command officer Alice Eve is officially a Words With Friends player, according to an interview with Vanity Fair. And a likely suspect is responsible for getting her hooked on the digital drug.

"After seeing Alec Baldwin on the news," Eve admitted to Vanity Fair, "I thought, What's he playing that's so good he doesn't want to turn his phone off? I got the app because of that." Of course, Eve was referring to Alec Baldwin's recent run-in with airport security on the runway after he supposedly refused to stop playing Zynga's mega popular Scrabble knock-off.

The fiasco actually helped Words With Friends get in front of the public eye--you could say it even helped the game score a Super Bowl ad spot. But it helped Baldwin quite a bit, too. Hell, the guy has worn the incident like a badge on everything from Saturday Night Live to a new Capital One ad. Now, who wants to make Draw Something more popular than it needs to be?

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