The Sims Social hits the slots and shows in Vegas Week

The Sims Social Vegas Week
The Sims Social will never sleep ... at least for this week. Playfish takes its numero uno social game to lovely Las Vegas this week, complete with new items, outfits and quests for players to complete and collect. The update takes the whole "Vegas" thing literally, as players can now transform their homes into miniature casinos with slot machines, shiny floors and drinks all around.

The theme also features plenty of pristine or feathery colors, like whites, pinks and purples, throughout. If you've ever been so lucky to visit Las Vegas, you'll know how close Playfish comes to hitting it on the nose. (You know, aside from the creepy dudes that try to shove "calling cards" in your face.) Of course, players stand to win plenty of Simoleons--a 10,000 jackpot, to be exact--from in-game slot machines, like the VegasLadyLuck available.
The Sims Social VegasLadyLuck Slot Machine
In this week's quest, players stand to win a Vegas Tiger Pal, which is just one part of a collection needed to craft the Vegas Card Trick Table. Players can also hang loose in the Vegas Ritzy Dip Pool. Basically, this week is your chance to experience Vegas without leaving your computer chair ... but we do highly recommend you make it out there. It's kind of awesome.

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