Marvel's The Avengers movie ad flies through Avengers Alliance first

The Avengers trailer
The Avengers trailer

You won't find the next ad pimping the upcoming Marvel film, The Avengers, on your boob tube--at least for a bit. You'll have to take Playdom's comic book character-crammed Facebook game, Avengers Alliance, for a spin. Disney has announced that the newest commercial for The Avengers will debut in its social game first and hit elsewhere later.

Interested Marvel fans can head over to Avengers Alliance, which according to AppData is doing a-OK, where later today (as of this writing) they can view the ad spot in full before anyone else. According to Disney, this is the first time Marvel has premiered a TV spot or movie trailer in a video game. A painfully-specific first, but a first nonetheless.

Players that choose to view the new TV spot (after completing Chapter 1, Mission 3 in "Hail Hydra") will also score a gold bar, the game's paid currency, for their time. This could--and probably will--open up the floodgates for advertising for all things Marvel through Avengers Alliance. And based on what the company might already have cooked up for the game, we're sure there's more where this came from. (And as for The Avengers, one can only hope Hawkeye will get as much time as this screen shot implies.)

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