Mezuzah Lawsuit Ends as Condo Association Caves

Barbara Cadranel of Stratford, Conn., will be having a very happy Passover: The lawsuit over a mezuzah that pitted her First Amendment rights against her condo association's bylaws ended Tuesday when the association backed down.

Her lawyers, Nathan Lewin and Alyza D. Lewin announced that Cadranel, who had been threatened with fines by the California Condominium Association for following the rules of her Jewish faith and hanging a mezuzah on the door frame of her apartment, had seen the issue resolved in her favor.

The California Condominium Association agreed that Cadranel could hang her mezuzah and has rescinded all penalties and fees against her. The association also says that, henceforth, it will allow residents to place mezuzahs or other religious symbols on door frames without requiring advance approval.

Kurt Ahlberg, attorney for the California Condominium Association, sent a letter to the editor of the Connecticut Post stating that "Ms. Cadranel acted with full propriety and within her legal rights in affixing the mezuzah to her door post" and offered a "personal apology to her as well as the Jewish community for this incident." The letter ended on an emotional note with Ahlberg advocating against discrimination and for the freedom of religion, saying, "In the true spirit of our Easter and Passover season, we all look forward to the forgiveness of our transgressions and pray for the future."

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