Mahjongg Dimensions celebrates Easter with special Spring Collection

The last time we saw a limited edition boost collection in Mahjongg Dimensions, there was still snow on the ground and we were trapped indoors by the cold. Now, the flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. That can only mean one thing - Spring has arrived, and in Mahjongg Dimensions too!

To be specific, a new Spring Collection of limited edition Spring and Easter-themed boosts has launched in the game. From now to the end of April, you'll have a chance to collect five different boosts: Spring Break, Spring Double, Earth Day Bonus, Spring Showers and Easter Puzzle, but these boosts won't all be available to collect at the same time.

For example, you'll be able to ask for the first boost, Spring Break, for free as a gift from your friends. Other boosts in the collection won't be available until the game updates on both April 9 and April 16, but you can purchase all five boosts outright if you'd rather not wait (setting you back 173 Facebook Credits, or just over $17 US). Once you collect all five (regardless of how you earn them), you'll unlock a free Sunny Puzzles VIP Boost.

In addition to this new collection, you can also play a limited edition puzzle within the game called simply "Easter Puzzle." You'll be able to unlock 10 of these special boosts for 50 Facebook Credits, or $5 even. Just remember, you'll need to collect these boosts before April 30 when the Spring event ends! Good luck getting them all!

What do you think of these Spring Collection boosts? Have you already earned a Spring Break boost via the help of friends? Sound off in the comments.

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