Magic Tree on iOS: Create an adorable farm high in the trees


Farming and city-building games are some of the biggest genres on smartphones and otherwise, so it's no surprise to see yet another option being released for free on iTunes. One of the newest entries on the App Store is Com2uS's Magic Tree, a charming and downright adorable farming game that sees you perched high in the tree tops as you grow and expand your farm, adding flowers and other decorations along the way.

The game's bright graphics and large, colorful shapes create a fun atmosphere to play in, but the basic gameplay is fairly standard. You'll grow crops to earn money, chop down trees to further expand your farm, and can purchase decorations and trees to make your own land unique. Where the gameplay becomes a bit more unique is in the tree-farming aspect. Trees will allow you to gather seeds, which can be combined via recipes to form new hybrid or even magical trees that aren't otherwise available.

Furthermore, the game also allows you to purchase some interaction decorations and other items that your avatar can play with for extra experience points. These unfortunately don't offer anything in the way of true mini-games, but you will be treated to some nice cutscenes in the same adorable graphical style. You'll spend energy to complete these sorts of tasks (and others), and will level up over time, allowing you to further expand your land and plant more trees and crops within it.


There are some nice features to Magic Tree, like the ability to plant crops anywhere without having designated farm plots (they'll appear as you go). You can also zoom in and out via pinch-and-zoom touch controls to any level that's comfortable to you, rather than sticking with the few set angles that many games often provide. Still, Magic Tree's biggest draw is ultimately its appearance, as fans of the overly cute graphical style will be much more likely to come back for more than those looking for something revolutionary in terms of the gameplay. If you'd like to try out Magic Tree, you can do so for free by downloading the game on your iPhone or iPad.

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