L.A. Dentist Admits To Stashing Celebrities' Teeth

Dr Bill Dorfman keeping teethThere are a lot of reasons to become a dentist. You make $150,000 a year, without having to be a nerd for six years at medical school. You get an unlimited supply of laughing gas. And you can collect a celebrity roster of clients, stockpile their pulled teeth, and make your real fortune by selling them on eBay.

This latter point seems to be the secret goal of Dr. Bill Dorfman, who may have strolled across your TV set on "Extreme Makeover," "The Doctors," "Oprah" or "Larry King Live." He may be the only dentist on Facebook with his own Fan Page. At his dental practice in Los Angeles, Dorfman outfits the smiles, he claims, of "everyone from Hollywood's brightest stars to Wall Street's biggest CEOs."

Those clients (as seen in montage form on his website) include Lindsay Lohan, Jessican Simpson, Usher, Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria, Debra Messing and Ozzy Osbourne. And Dorman admitted yesterday to TMZ that he had "a secret stash of famous people's teeth."

"There have been a few really famous people," he said, "and I thought one day maybe I could sell this on eBay." He made sure to mention that he offered the teeth back first.

And there is a buck to be made in the molar trade. A Canadian dentist purchased John Lennon's tooth at auction last year for over $30,000, and Elvis Presley's porcelain crown (dubbed the King's Crown), along with a model of his teeth, for $8,000 in February (probably to be encased in plexiglass on his office wall). A pair of Winston Churchill's dentures sold for $24,000 in 2010. And in 1999, a woman paid over $7,000 for the alleged dentures of baseball legend Ty Cobb.

Hey, it's not quite as strange as stashing celebrities' hair, extracting out DNA samples, converting them into customized perfumes and selling them to fans.

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