Gabriel Knight designer Jane Jensen helping craft Zynga's next game

Long-time game designer and Oberon Media co-founder Jane Jensen today announced the formation of a new game development studio by the name of Pinkerton Road. While Jensen will use that studio as a platform for developing games for PC, iPad and Android, we've also learned that Jensen has been spending some time in the Zynga camp (independently from Pinkerton Road).

In an interview with Gamezebo, Jensen spoke of her time working on Zynga's Hidden Chronicles, the company's first dive into the hidden object realm. There, we learned that she had also been asked to work on a new project that is as-of-now under wraps:

"I've been more involved with the writing of another Zynga project (not yet announced). Zynga is a vast creative machine and it's been a real education working with them. I had never worked on social games of that level before."

Using Jensen's past history with game development however, we might be able to narrow this project down to at least a few genres (through good, old-fashion speculation, of course). Having helped design plenty of hidden object games with Oberon Media, and another group of adventure games (such as 2011's graphic adventure game Gray Matter - pictured), it's possible that this unannounced Zynga game will end up in one of those two areas, as Jensen would, in theory be well versed in helping Zynga create a story in those areas. If, however, Jensen was solely working on the narrative of this new Zynga game, the possibilities are truly endless.

It's unfortunate that further details aren't available right now, but it does leave us to wonder if Zynga is working on another Facebook hidden object game behind the scenes. We'll make sure to let you know as soon as we learn more about this mysterious Zynga project, so stay tuned!

Would you be excited if Zynga released another hidden object game on Facebook, or are you fine with Hidden Chronicles? Sound off in the comments.

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