FarmVille: Spring has sprung with new trees, animals and more

Spring has officially sprung in FarmVille, with the game's "Spring" theme having officially (and finally) launched in the game's store. This theme looks to encompass not only truly Spring-themed items (like flowers, obviously), but also some Easter-themed goodies, like colorful eggs. We're here with a complete look at these items, so get those virtual pocketbooks ready!


Carolina Silverbell Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Mountain Silverbell Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Spring Egg Tree - 7 Farm Cash
Giant Spring Egg Tree - 12 Farm Cash


Spring Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Spring Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Springbok - 120,000 coins or 12 Farm Cash
Spring Cow - 20 Farm Cash


Flower Market - 15 Farm Cash


Kitten Basket - 14 Farm Cash
Bunny Gnome II - 12 Farm Cash
Spring Egg Fountain - 10 Farm Cash

Again, this theme looks like it might be the Easter theme as well, so you'll want to make sure and check out all of the new items released over the next few days or even weeks so that you don't miss out on any of the game's true Easter items! We'll make sure to update you as more of these items launch as well, so stay tuned!

Are you disappointed that there doesn't appear to be a larger, solo "Easter" theme coming to the farm? Sound off in the comments.