FarmVille: Pig-O arrives with a pack of prehistoric prizes

Earlier today, we brought you a sneak peek of the then unreleased Pig-O feature in FarmVille. Little did we know then that Pig-O would launch this evening as part of the game's regularly scheduled update, but it has! Like the Mystery Game, the Pig-O game looks to have an ever-changing lineup of prizes, with this first installment matching the Mystery Game, offering a set of prehistoric dinosaurs as prizes.

Pig-O can be thought of as a game of Plinko, where you'll drop a Token onto a peg board in order to receive a prize at the bottom. Like in the Mystery Game, there's no guarantee as to which item you'll receive, and there are six to win in all:

  • Argentinosaurs

  • Mastodon

  • Compsognathus

  • Troodontidae

  • Iguanodon

  • Ankylosaurus

Each Token costs 24 Farm Cash, making this more expensive than the Mystery Game, but you'll also receive a free Token as a way to celebrate the launch of this new feature in the game. And continuing in the similarities to other features, if you happen to win one of each of the six prizes above, you'll also walk away with the free Allosaurus. This then becomes a question of which game you'd rather play - the Pig-O game or the existing Mystery Game to win these prehistoric animals. Good luck!

What do you think of the Pig-O game in FarmVille? Are you disappointed that these aren't entirely new prizes? Sound off in the comments.