Zynga is a terrible haggler, cuts CityVille Downtown to 60 City Cash

CityVille Downtown
CityVille Downtown

It looks like Zynga's 43.7 million CityVille players know a bum deal when they see one. Twice now it seems players have failed to bite on the early unlock price for the game's first expansion, CityVille Downtown. Now players can purchase early access to Downtown for 60 City Cash, or roughly $8. but only after the developer offered the content for much, much more.

When Zynga first revealed Downtown, it offered early access for a whopping 150 City Cash, then 90 City Cash presumably after players turned that down. (That's about $16 and $12, respectively, for those keeping score.) Of course, Zynga ultimately plans to release this content for free to all 43 million CityVille players, meaning Downtown has been ready to play for weeks.

Now let that fact sits square in your mind. Moving on, an exclusive preview given to Mashable reveals that players will need to be at least Level 20 to access CityVille Downtown. According to Mashable, players will be able to construct brand new building types, like high-end boutiques, wine bars and amphitheaters.

While creating what essentially amounts to a second city, players will meet new characters that grant quests and advance the story, including Harry Hipster, Rebecca Realtor, Susie Shopaholic and Frank the Commuter, Mashable reports. If only Zynga would cut to the chase already.

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