Prime World, where castles come alive to cheesy metal music [Video]

Prime World in action
Prime World in action

Nival's upcoming free-to-play (F2P) strategy massively multi-player online game (MMO) Prime World has a lot going for it. Well, it's got the castles that grow an arm just to crush you, explosions as far as the eye can see and ... bar band-like metal music. If you can ignore tolerate the "hardcore" tunes of Solar Deity, then you'll no doubt enjoy the first-ever Prime World trailer.

Like we said, Prime World has more explosions, fire balls and spell circles than you can shake a wizard's staff at. In the game, players vie for control of Prime, a precious resource that's worth doing battle over. Of course, players create their own kingdoms to protect their Prime reserve, but they also command hero units, like the Quarrier, Fire Fox, Rat Master, Archer, Artiste and Inventor. Each class has its own distinct skills and nuances to master.

The team behind Heroes of Might and Magic V within Nival is the same team working on Prime World, which looks downright gorgeous. As it has been since before E3 2011, the MMO is also focused on social features, which it promises will reward players for effective team work. Finally, the Russian developer announced that Prime World open beta will be localized for Western audiences, and that UK players will soon be granted access. Until then, feast on the explosive trailer below (terrible tunes included).

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