Galaxy Life, Digital Chocolate to settle down in Spil Games territory

Galaxy Life
Galaxy Life

I tell ya, those orange little alien critters is gon' someplace. And that they are, as developer Digital Chocolate has teamed up with Netherlands-based social games publisher Spil Games to bring Galaxy Life to Spil Games's 170 million monthly players across several websites. And, of course, Galaxy Life is just the beginning of what the two hope turns out to be a beautiful partnership.

"Galaxy Life is a welcome addition to the Spil Games social games collection," Spil Games CEO Peter Driessen said in a release. "This partnership is another indication that our unique offering, which enables developers to achieve revenue, as well as scale across multiple age segments and languages, resonates with the AAA developer community."

The Trip Hawkins-owned developer has expressed their interest in turning Galaxy Life into a hopeful franchise, already having pushed the cartoonish strategy game to PC platforms through Pokki. Soon after Galaxy Life is in front of Spil Games's 170 million players, Digital Chocolate looks to bring other games to its new found audience, complete with localization. Neither Spil nor Digital Chocolate have said whether those will be existing games or brand new ones. Now, we wonder whether the Europeans dig zombies, millionaires and army strategy.

Are you European gamers out there psyched for Digital Chocolate games on Spil Games? What could this mean for competitors like Zynga? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.