FarmVille meets Slingo in Pig-O, coming soon to the Carnival Booth

FarmVille Pig-OUnfortunately, only high rollers need apply. Zynga will soon introduce a new mini game to the Carnival Booth in FarmVille: Pig-O. This town fair take on the pachinko machines of old (or The Price is Right) allows players to drop tokens into a machine that holds attractive prizes for the lucky. Of course, each token costs a whopping 24 Farm Cash, or just under five bucks.

Little is know about the upcoming mini game, based purely on a single image discovered by FarmVille Freak. The goal of Pig-O is to drop as many tokens as it takes to complete each week's collection of animals or items. If players are lucky (or rich) enough to complete the collection, they'll earn a seventh item or animal.

If it's anything like the real Pachinko games sometimes found in Jersey Shore arcades, then Pig-O is just as simple and random. Of course, that's not a far cry from previous FarmVille mini games, like the Raffle Booth or Fortune Wheel. FarmVillers, prepare your Farm Cash reserves for potential destruction.
FarmVille Pig-O in action
[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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