Electronic Arts beat Bank of America as the 'Worst Company in America'

EA Worst Company in America
EA Worst Company in America

Check your calendar--April Fools was a few days ago. Electronic Arts (EA), the country's second-largest game publisher, has been named the "Worst Company in America" by The Consumerist and its readers. In March Madness-like fashion, the blog whittled down some of the country's most nefarious corporations to an epic stand-off between EA and Bank of America.

Yes, the same Bank of America that once tried to charge people a $5 monthly fee for debit cards, and yes, the same EA that had a party with downloadable content (DLC) for Bioware's Mass Effect 3. (Not to mention that ending.) But is that really enough to deem a video game company worse than, say, Walmart? The Consumerist seems to think so, chalking up EA's dishonor to accusations that it likes to "nickel and dime consumers to death." Of course, EA heartily disagrees.

"We're sure that British Petroleum, AIG, Philip Morris, and Halliburton are all relieved they weren't nominated this year," EA senior director of corporate communications John Reseburg told Kotaku. "We're going to continue making award-winning games and services played by more than 300 million people worldwide."

[Image Credit: The Consumerist]

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