Draw Something earns 50MM downloads, 6B doodles in 50 days

Draw Something iPhone
Draw Something iPhone

As the super popular iPhone and Android game would say, Drawesome! With that pun off of our chest, Zynga announced that Draw Something, the mobile social doodle game that's gone like gangbusters, has accrued 50 million downloads since it launched 50 days ago. The developer claims that at that rate, Draw Something is the fastest-growing mobile game of all time.

The game was enough to inspire Zynga to gobble up New York-based developer OMGPOP for about $180 million, but that deal would be enough for one employee in particular to leave altogether. As of this writing, Draw Something is once again the top paid app in the iPhone and iPad App Store, booting Angry Birds Space from the top spot.

When you think about it, Draw Something is well on to garnering the kind of pop culture fame that Words With Friends has in far less time. Since the mobile gaming phenom launched just under two months ago, 6 billion drawings have been sent and about 3,000 drawings are sent per second during peak hours. We'd say numbers like that might be worth the purchase alone, but all that goes up must come down, no?

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