The Hunger Games Adventures to plans ride along all three films

The Hunger Games Adventures
The Hunger Games Adventures

A one-off branded game attached to a movie, novel, comic book, what have you is one thing. Tying a social game to a trilogy of movies is another entirely. That's what developer Funtactix wants to do with The Hunger Games Adventures. According to Hollywood Reporter, Funtactix looks to run The Hunger Games Adventures alongside all three film releases.

"This game is a living, breathing thing that we're updating all the time with all types of events," Funtactix marketing director Casey Dickinson told Hollywood Reporter. "It's a great vehicle to keep fans engaged in new content in between movie releases. In many ways, this game is the evolution of Hollywood-based games. The traditional console model of licensing a movie doesn't really work well any more. The development cycles take years, twice the length of the production cycle of movie. For us, this free-to-play experience is the best because it's open to all the fans and it offers them cool content."

Even EckoCode was ambitious in tying Dexter Slice of Life up with the entire season's plot. But that's a four-month investment in most cases--what Funtactix looks to do amounts to a perhaps a three-year dedication, roughly (if not longer). Given that the game had a missed launch, it will be interesting to see whether The Hunger Games Adventures can muster the audience to last another three years. We'll see come Nov. 22, 2013.

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