TapCity 2 challenges location-based city-builders head on this summer

TapCity 2 iPhone
TapCity 2 iPhone

Let's face it: Location-based mobile games are still searching for their sweet spot, what makes them the go-to game a' la Angry Birds. But maybe--just maybe--TapCity 2, a location-based city-builder due out by summer through Cambridge, Mass.-based The Tap Lab, can change that. The developer recently came into some serious funding, to the tune of $550,00, to make sure TapCity 2 and future games blow our minds with their location-based play.

The startup game maker has just finished their own proprietary game engine that will first run in TapCity 2 for iPhone and iPad. But aside from a new game engine, the general play hooks sounds fairly identical to location-based city games like MyTown 2 by Booyah. Players will create and maintain a city with buildings, shops and landmarks generated by what's around the player. However, The Tap Lab seems to have big plans for its future location-based gaming efforts.

"We believe there is so much more to location-based gaming beyond the check-­in. There is an enormous opportunity to create games that invite players to compete and collaborate in the real world," The Tap Lab co-founder and CEO Dave Bisceglia told VentureBeat. "We think that location-based gaming is more interesting in the real world. We are diving deeper by categorizing bars, restaurants, clubs and other places. We stylized a virtual venue and give players jobs based on what that place is."

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